The Storytellers Cinematic Universe is a cinematic universe based on various mythologies and legends.

Phase 1: Myths & Legends Edit

# Movies Mythology Villian Release Date Status
1 Odyssey: Journey of Legends Greek Various TBA In Devolpment
2 The Lost Pyramid Egyptian Set TBA Concept
3 Hammer of Asgard Norse Ve TBA Concept
4 The Sword of Kings British Mordred TBA Concept
5 Beowulf: The Legend Begins Anglo-Saxon Grendel TBA Concept
6 Odyssey: Darker Seas Greek/Anglo-Saxon Various TBA Concept
Ancient Origins (Miniseries) None TBA TBA Concept
7 Battle of the Ancients Various Gods TBA Concept
8 The Storytellers None The Destoryer TBA Concept
The Storytellers (TV Series) Season 1 None Inklings TBA Comcept

Phase 2: Rise of the Order Edit

# Movies Villian Release Date Status
9 The Immortal Life of William Black TBA TBA Concept
10 Book of Legends Various TBA Concept
The Storytellers (TV Series) Season 2 Four Horsemen TBA Concept
11 Apocalypse Rising The Destroyer TBA Concept
12 The Land of One Thousand Demons Yo-Kai TBA Concept
The Storytellers (TV Series) Season 3 TBA TBA Concept
13 Creature of the Deep TBR TBA Concept
14 Icarus Black: Monster Hunter Urban Legends TBA Concept
15 The Storytellers: Rise of Breynan Breynan TBA Concept

Phase 3: Into the UnknownEdit

# Movies/Working Titles Villian Release Date Status
16 Protectors of the Unknown TBD TBA Concept
Museum of the Impossible Season 1 TBA TBA Concept
Wonka Season 1 N/a TBA Concept
17 Secret Histories TBD TBA Concept
18 Book of Legends 2 TBD TBA Concept