The Musesm is where all the secrets of the world converge and let all the world know of their existence.


Ezio Auditore (1496-1523) Edit

The museum was established in 1496 by Ezio Auditore following his retirement as an assassin. As his former assassin brotherhood did not approve of his departure, Ezio left Florence and decided to make a traveling museum to showcase the artifacts he had acquired during his career. During its early years, the museum started out as a small cart, travelling from town to town, grossing very little money to stay afloat. Ezio often sold artifacts take make enough money for food and a place to sleep, although many establishments rejected him in his state of mannerisms. in 1512, a man by the name of Franz Steinbruck bought one of the Pieces of Eden Ezio had been guarding since he had opened the Museum. Steinbruck paid 200 gold coins for the piece, which Ezio took to Essex to start a new life away from the Brotherhood.

By the time Ezio had started to make for himself in Essex, he had opened a shop in the town square as a permanent housing for the museum, as well as hiring collectors to bring in new artifacts on a weekly basis. Over the next several years, the museum became popular among the town's children and their families, producing a healthy profit for Ezio and his workers. By 1517, the museum had become the town's staple, attracting townsfolk and visitors alike which it's unusual assortment of items, ranging from newly acquired vampire teeth to Ezio's last remaining Pieces of Eden. It was by this time that Ezio became very well known within the town and it's surrounding area, had a steady income, and a loving family. But, by 1523, the Brotherhood had feared that Ezio had joined the Templars, a fear that became evident when a member from the Brotherhood had come to Essex on a mission had spotted Ezio within the museum. The following month, the brotherhood contacted Ezio, stating that they had needed him in Florence in three months time.

After this sudden change in Ezio's life, Ezio knew he needed to find a new owner for the museum. He interviewed many people that were interested in the position, until he came across a young man by the of William Black who sparked his interest. William had known many languages, including Ezio's native Italian, German, and Russian. He also the amount of knowledge of the artifacts that even the most trained scholar could not know. William had one condition if he were to take the ownership: He was able to integrate his own collection into the museum's inventory. Ezio agreed to the terms, and the ownership of the museum passed onto William Black.

William Black (1523-1638) Edit

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Known OwnersEdit

  • Ezio Auditore-(1496-1523)
  • William Black-(1523-1638)
  • Nicholas Peters-(1638-1658)
  • Franklin Stine-(1658-1709)
  • David Wright-(1709-1747)
  • John Roberts-(1747-1785)
  • William Hall-(1785-1812)
  • James Thomas-(1812-1846)
  • Charles Dawson-(1846-1895)
  • Daniel Collins-(1895-1907)
  • George Killian-(1907-1916)
  • Richard Adams-(1916-1953)
  • Horace Wells-(1953-1974)
  • Christopher Roland-(1974-2009)
  • David Foral-(2009-2016)

Known ExhibitsEdit

  • Phoenix Ash
  • Stone Basilisk
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Pieces of Eden
  • Cursed Armour
  • African Voodoo Mask
  • Excalibur
  • Leprechaun Gold
  • 1st Seal of the Apocolypse

Known AreasEdit

  • "The Crossroads"
  • Astronmy Dome
  • Private Library
  • "The Warehouse"
  • Hall of Legends
  • Founder's Square
  • Mysteries of Science
  • Space Central(Experimental)
  • Fossil Park(Experimental)