Through-out their existence, The Storytellers have been protecting the multiverse from forces and evils unknown. This is a recollection of their existence.

Founding of The Storytellers (750 BC- 393 AD) Edit

  • 750 BC: Thoth Begins collecting treasures from around the world.
  • 743 BC: Polyphemus raids Thoth's treasure room.
  • 742-739 BC: The events of The Lost Pyramid.
  • 738 BC: Thoth starts The Storytellers and heads to Greece to retrieve the Eye of Horus.
  • 734 BC: Odysseus starts his journey back to Ithaca.
  • 734-729 BC: The events of Odyssey: Journey of Legends.
  • 729 BC: Odysseus is stranded by his crew on Calypso's island and is kept alive by Calypso for 1280 years.
  • 728 BC: Homer is recruited by Thoth and retells Odysseus' story as The Iliad and The Odyssey, but is unable to finish it as Odysseus has not returned and rewrites the ending.
  • 186-182 BC: The events of Hammer of Asgard.
  • 182 BC: The Battle of Odin and Ve. Excalibur falls into the Mystic Lake.
  • 41 BC: Virgil is Recruited by The Storytellers.
  • 64 AD: Cyle Blachair'd joins Emperor Nero's army.
  • 64-68 AD: The events of Ancient Origins
  • 79 AD: First recored crossover ravages Pompeii as Mount Vesuvius erupts.

William Black Emerges (394-502)Edit

  • September 30th, 394: Jacob Black is born in Col Hen.
  • February 1st, 398: William Black is born in Col Hen.
  • 403: A fire engulfs the village of Col Hen, destroying all in it's path.
  • 408: The rebuilt village of Col Hen is renamed Camelot by orders of the king.
  • February 1st, 416: William and Jacob become immortal, as punishment, after stealing vegetables from Barnibus, the local wizard.
  • February 1st, 416: William & Jacob stop aging.
  • February 2nd, 416: William starts his journals.
  • April 15th, 419: William is crowned king of Camelot.
  • 421: William's son, Uther, is born
  • 422: Icarus leaves Camelot to establish a colony in the North.
  • 424: William leaves the throne, unknown to the public.
  • 427: William chooses a village man by the name of Otter Pendragon to be king and father to his son.
  • 429: William starts life of solitude in a cabin in the forest surrounding Camelot.
  • 436: William starts hearing rumors about his son in the running for the throne.
  • 445: Uther is crowned King of Camelot.
  • 449: Jacob establishes the township of Nottingham 60 miles North-west of Camelot.
  • 458: Uther's son, Arthur, is born.
  • 464: William investigates reports of "winged demons" in the mountain range 40 miles north of Camelot, and finds the language of the dragons.
  • 476: William becomes Merlin's apprentice.

Arthur & Nottingham (503-1167)Edit

  • 503: Arthur Pendragon is crowned King of Camelot.
  • 504: Arthur recovers Excalibur form the Mystic Lake.
  • 505-507: The events of The Sword of Kings.
  • 507: Arthur's last battle. The impact of an arrow throw Arthur's armor causes Excalibur to shatter. Arthur puts a reforged Excalibur into a stone with the help of Merlin.
  • 509: William forges a copy of Excalibur using a method he learned from the dragon writings.
  • 513: People from Camelot start moving to Nottingham after the defeat of Arthur, leaving Camelot to crumble.
  • 515: Hrothgar finds Excalibur hunting for Grendel.
  • 516-521: The events of Beowulf: The Legend Begins.
  • 522: William and other survivors of Camelot relocate to the river Thames and establish the village of London.
  • 523: Beowulf finds Odysseus on Calypso's island and sets him free. Odysseus joins Beowulf's crew.
  • 524-528: The events of Odyssey: Darker Seas.

Resurgence of the Storytellers (1168-1495) Edit

  • 1168: The Sheriff of Nottingham challenges William and Jacob to an arrow competition.

The Monster Hunter (1496 - 1863)Edit

  • October 29th, 1517: William & Icarus arrives in Essex, England.
  • March 14th, 1523: William meets with Ezio Auditore & becomes the 2nd owner of the Museum of the Impossible.
  • April 27th, 1590: William & Icarus arrive in the abandoned colony of Roanoke to retrieve a "special" carving knife.
  • 1692-1698: The Salem Witch Trials. William and Icarus are charged with accounts of witchcraft. They barely survive their hanging. This act inspires Icarus to take a job as a monster hunter.
  • 1844: William and Icarus move to England for a position William was offered at Bethlem Mental Asylum in London.
  • 1846: Icarus begins using the name Van Helsing for his monster hunting services.
  • 1852: Icarus begins hunting down Dr. Henry Jekyll after hearing rumors of a monster roaming the streets of London.
  • 1861: William writes to Charles Dickens about a new book idea.
  • August 24th, 1862: Alice Lindell is admitted to Bethlem Mental Asylum.
  • 1862: William meets Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson while working on the Alice Lindell case.

Civil War & Aftermath (1863 - Present)Edit

  • October, 1863: William & Icarus leaves London for the United Sates on request from president Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1864: Charles Dodgson publishes "Alice's Adventures Under Ground" as Lewis Carroll
  • 1886: Icarus moves back to England to investigate reports of vampire attacks on the streets of South London.
  • 1887: Icarus begins to search for the vampires of London. He does this at night to avoid being seen, as well as using the alias "Jack the Reaper".
  • 1888: Icarus flees England after hearing reports of "murders" reported by the London Police, after misinterpreting Icarus' name as "Jack the Ripper".
  • September 1936: William is inducted in Plus Ultra.
  • December, 1936: William begins working as a special consultant for Walt Disney Pictures.
  • May 7th, 1937: William is discharged from the Hindenburg Blimp Co. following the accident.
  • April, 1947: William Arrives in Roswell, New Mexico, and stays there for several months.
  • 1947-1964: William works for NASA at their secret CB Facilities at Groom Lake.
  • 1992: Icarus disappears into the woods of Burkittsville, MD, after hearing stories of a witch haunting the forest and surrounding area.
  • 1996: William misses TWA Flight 800 due to an error on the ticket time.
  • 1997: William heads to Burkittsville to search for Icarus, but only finds his equipment.
  • 2002: William Wonka meets Realtor Joann Beauregard and her husband Sam.
  • October, 2003: Wonka purchases an abandoned firehouse for his chocolate shop from Joann.
  • November, 2003: Wonka signs a deal with Jonathan Salt to include Salt's Nuts in one of the Wonka Bars.
  • March, 2004: Wonka holds tasting sessions to test new flavors for candy.
  • July, 2004: Wonka starts stoking his famous Inventing Room.
  • June 7th, 2005: Wonka's Chocolate Shoppe opens.
  • 2007: William starts becoming a regular at Wonka's Chocolate Shoppe.
  • 2008: Wonka hires Nicholas Wilkinson (Codename: Slugworth) to intercept thefts in the company.
  • 2012: Wonka opens his long-awaited Chocolate Factory.
  • 2015: The events of The Storytellers (Season 1)
  • 2016: Wonka closes his Chocolate Factory indefinitely.
  • 2016: The events of The Storytellers (Season 2)
  • 2017: Icarus turns up in Canada with no memory of the last 25 years.

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